Ireland and Britain have a wealth of rich experiences to discover, from immersing yourself in ancient history, playing on some of the worlds finest golf courses or strolling through idyllic gardens. We ensure that your trip is filled with unique memorable, rewarding and satisfying moments. The following are just a few of the types of experiences we provide.

Ireland and Britain are home to many of the worlds top golf courses. Find out more here

Explore some of the finest traditional and exotic gardens. Find out more here

Surround yourself in the rich tapestry that is Irish and English history. From pre-christian settlements, impressive medieval castles and stunning Georgian architecture, there is just so much history to discover. Learn more here

Privileged access to some of the great works of art and treasures. You will meet some of the foremost Irish art and antique experts as they take you on a private tour. Learn more here

Equestrian Racing & Riding

Witness the rolling hills and gentle mountains of Ireland from behind the handlebars of a bicycle. Click here to read a sample itinerary

Enjoy a day at the top racecourses in Ireland and Britain, or hop on a horse for yourself and take a trip around the countryside.

Special Interests

We create experiences that are custom to your passions and hobbies. Sample the finest whiskeys, explore haunted castles, delve into druid culture, visit the locations of Game of Thrones or other famous film and TV series; whatever passions you have we make sure to create experiences that complement.

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