Below you will find some examples of the variety of heritage sites and tours to discover in Ireland and Britain.

Ancient Ireland

Early Christian Ireland

Step into the realms of legend and unearth the lives, triumphs and struggles of our ancestors. Ireland and Britain are home to some of the most significant archeological sites from this era.  

Follow the mission of St Patrick, or learn about the myriad of other heroic saints and their noble endeavours. Visit the sites of former monasteries where important scripts such as the Book of Kells were created with meticulous care and craftsmanship

Castles, Abbeys and Stately Homes

Traditional Ireland

Norman fortresses, staggering steeples and remarkable features of design. We will bring you to the most remarkable buildings that are closed to public. 

Hear the lilting folk music, the gripping stories, and the warm laughter in one of Ireland’s many renowned pubs. Witness the ancient crafts, thatched houses and many other old Irish traditions that live strong till this day.

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